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April 1981

  • The Mayor of Byron, Mary Jensen, stopped to visit with the Mayor of Cody, Dorse Miller. It was noted that various local communities had, or would soon have, water problems, and they discussed doing something on a regional basis to take care of the problems. As a result of this, Cody, Powell, Byron, and Lovell informally banded together to study the possibilities.

Early 1982

  • Engineering Associates of Cody was hired to see if such a project was possible.

Late 1985

  • JM Montgomery of Boise was hired to draw up a conceptual design and provide cost estimates for such a project.

February 1986

  • Cody, Powell, Byron, and Lovell formed the Shoshone Municipal Water Joint Powers Board.

Summer 1986

  • Deaver and Frannie joined the Board. Banner Associates of Laramie was hired to prepare the designs and specifications for the project.

July 1988

  • The Treated Water Pipeline contract was awarded to Barcon Inc. of Sheridan for 24.5 million dollars. Construction began in September of 1988 and was complete in February of 1990.

January 1989

  • The Raw Water Pipeline contract, including the Emergency Pump Station and the Booster Pump Station, was awarded to TIC of Casper for 4.0 million dollars. Construction began in May of 1989 and was complete in September of 1991.

August 1989

  • The Water Treatment Plant contract was awarded to TIC of Casper for 15.5 million dollars. Construction started in August of 1989 and was complete in September of 1991.

October 1991

  • Began delivering water to Cody, Powell, Byron, Lovell, Deaver, and Frannie.

August 1993

  • Began delivering water to the Northwest Rural Water District (NRWD).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The capacity of the Water Treatment Plant is 16.5 MGD. It was projected to serve the area until 2010 when the plant can be expanded to 22 MGD which is projected to serve the area until 2030.

Raw Water Pipeline:

The Raw Water Pipeline is 3.5 miles long with 36" diameter steel pipe.

The Shoshone Municipal Pipeline facilities operate by gravity, no pumping is required under normal operating conditions.

Treated Water Pipeline:

The Treated Water Pipeline is 68 miles long with steel pipe ranging from 36" diameter down to 16" and PVC pipe ranging from 10" diameter down to 8" diameter.

In each of the municipalities Shoshone Municipal Pipeline owns the Service Connection Building which is the connection between our transmission lines and their distribution systems. The same is true for the Northwest Rural Water District, only Northwest Rural Water District owns the Service Connection Buildings.


The status of conditions along the pipelines is continuously monitored at the Water Treatment Plant.

Laboratory/water testing
Filter gallery
Flocculation/Sedimentation Basins

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our ManagerCraig Barsness.


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Shoshone Municipal Pipeline
50 Agua Via, Cody, Wyoming

Shoshone Municipal Pipeline
P.O. Box 488, Cody, Wyoming 82414

The Shoshone Municipal Water Joint Powers Board officers for FY-2020 are:  

Jim Mentock (NRWD), Chairman
Bryan Lee (Frannie), Vice Chairman, 
Craig Sorenson (Deaver), Secretary
Jim Hillberry (Powell), Treasurer 

Other members of the board are:  

Don Richards (Lovell)
J.R. Gonzales (Byron)
Roy Holm (Cody)
Time Frame of Events Regarding Shoshone Municipal Pipeline Development: