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Shoshone Municipal Pipeline
Shoshone Municipal Water Joint Powers Board
P.O. Box 488 | 50 Agua Via
Cody, WY 82414
O: (307) 527-6492
F: (307) 587-3349
[email protected]
City of Cody
The Municipalities Served by Shoshone Municipal Pipeline
City of Powell
Town of Byron
In 2020, the City of Cody purchased 579 million gallons, 47.2% of the water SMP delivered.
Shoshone Municipal Pipeline (SMP) wholesales water to its seven member entities. All of the water delivered by SMP to the entities we serve either meets or is of higher quality than that required by the EPA's Drinking Water Quality Standards. In 2019, SMP delivered 1.19 billion gallons of treated water.
In 2020, the City of Powell purchased 289 million gallons, 23.5% of the water SMP delivered.
In 2020, the Town of Byron purchased 17.5 million gallons, 1.4% of the water SMP delivered.
Town of Lovell
In 2020, the Town of Lovell purchased 94 million gallons, 7.6% of the water SMP delivered.
In 2020, the Town of Deaver purchased 6.3 million gallons, 0.5% of the water SMP delivered.
Town of Deaver
Town of Frannie
Northwest Rural Water District
In 2020, the Northwest Rural Water District purchased 229 million gallons, 18.7% of the water SMP delivered. SMP delivers water to the Northwest Rural Water Districts Heart Mountain, O'Donnell, Southfork, Deaver/Frannie, Lovell Rural, Sage Creek/Cooper Lane, North Cody, Garland, and North End services areas.
In 2020, the Town of Frannie purchased 13.3 million gallons, 1.1% of the water SMP delivered.